Am I a hipster?

I’m having an identity crisis. And it’s enlightening.

“Whatever could be the matter,” you ask? Thank you for worrying. I’m touched.

Well, here’s how it started: I began searching for apps that play music by largely unknown artists. I like the music at least as well as I like anything on Pandora. For the most part, these apps operate like Spotify premium: they show you an enormous list of songs, you can mark your favorite tracks, and you can play them on demand whenever you want (provided you have service). Sometimes the apps cost two bucks – which, by the way, is five times less than a monthly subscription to Spotify premium. And this way I have a much wider range of music options, generally with fewer ads, paywalls, skip limits, and other irritations.

And I have realized . . . that this technically makes me a hipster.

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