My name isn’t Kiki, but that’s what they call me at Starbucks.

I use ‘Kiki’ at Starbucks because it’s easy to pronounce, hear, and spell. My real name doesn’t work at Starbucks: baristas mis-hear it or misspell it, so the name on the cup is completely unrecognizable as ‘Chelsea.’ Then I miss my drink at the pick-up counter, and then I get sad. So I use Kiki. No matter what happens with Kiki (I’ve seen it spelled Kiki, Keke, and Qui Qui on Starbucks cups so far), I can always tell at the other end that they mean me.

I live in Chicago. I write apps. Yep, like the ones on your phone. Android and iPhone both—I don’t discriminate. I also write apps for the web: think Java, Ruby, Python. If that last sentence makes no sense to you, you can ignore it.

Things I do in my spare time: I pick things up and put them down. I draw pretty pictures. I also write letters to my friends. Most of the material on this blog came out of letters I wrote to my friends.

Things I wish I did in my spare time: See live music. I have a secret celebrity crush on ZZ Ward. It’s a secret, so please don’t tell anyone.